Delicious meal ideas for every day of the week

Delicious meal ideas for every day of the week

Whether you’re cooking dinner for yourself, for two or for a large family, it’s easy to hit a wall and run out of ideas. Sure, you’ve got your tried and trusted favourite recipes, but what if you feel like something new once in a while? Plus, there are those evenings when life is so busy, you can’t begin to decide what to cook, not to mention special occasions that require a bit of planning. Where do you start?!

Fortunately, Rowe Farms has a few suggestions to help inspire your dinner menu this winter. Here are some delicious meal ideas to consider for busy weeknights, days when you have time for a bit of meal prep, Sunday dinners with the whole family and even game day. We’ve got everything you need online and in store—see you soon! 

What to cook on busy weeknights

We’ve all been there: those nights when you’ve got less than half an hour to figure out what you’re cooking and get dinner on the table before running off to an extracurricular activity or getting the kids into the bathtub before bed. Because this is such a common challenge for families, we’ve shared quick and easy weeknight dinner ideas on our blog before. Check those out, then add these recipes to the list:

What to cook when you’re working from home

If you work from home, are home taking care of your children during the day or are retired, there are opportunities for you to make some delicious meals that require a bit of prep, but not too much time. The secret is your slow cooker—you can spend 15 minutes preparing ingredients and adding them to the pot, check on it occasionally throughout the day, then enjoy a fresh, hot, delicious home-cooked meal at dinnertime. Here are a few recipes we love. If you have ideas to add to this list, let us know in the comments on Facebook!

What to cook for Sunday Dinner with family

While quick and easy weeknight recipes are a must for many families, we love a good Sunday dinner with the family that involves slow, thoughtful cooking. Here are a few recipes worth trying the next time you have family over for a hearty meal:

What to cook on Game Day

Game day is all about delicious, snackable finger foods—instead of choosing one thing, we recommend putting out a spread that includes some or all of the following options. Enjoy!

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