Our Partners

If you want to secure access to high quality, delicious, nutrient-packed food, shopping local is key.

At Rowe Farms, we are more committed than ever to nurturing a food system that is not just local and resilient, but one that also secures a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren. Rowe Farms (part of the Harvest to Gather family of companies) is proud to work with these exceptional local food producers.

Bayfield Provisions

Slow-roasted. Made by Hand.

Bayfield Provisions is a boutique granola bakery that started in the village of Bayfield, Ontario. They craft deeply flavoured small-batch granolas fresh weekly, using local gluten-free oats, local maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil and lots of good-for-you nuts, seeds & fruits. Each batch is mixed, tasted, slow-roasted and packaged by hand in Toronto's east end, before making its way to you.

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Pristine Gourmet

Crafted With Care, Enjoyed With Love

Pristine Gourmet has been producing high quality, artisan foods since 2005. Based in Waterford, Ontario, they offer non-GMO, cold-pressed products that are 100% pure Canadian from field to table. Pristine Gourmet understands that local food is as important to you as it is to them. They also recognize that quality and consistency are important, and strive to produce the best in great artisanal local food.

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Jensen Cheese

Taste the Generations of Craftsmanship

Jensen Cheese is a family-run business operating in Southwestern Ontario with a second location in Eastern Ontario that operates under the name of The Wilton Cheese Factory. The Jensen family has taken pride in offering artisanal products since 1925.

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1847 Milling

Flour That Makes You Proud

1847 Stone Milling started with the idea to deliver fresh organic flour to Canadians coast-to-coast. They believe that if they source the highest quality Canadian grains and mill them as fresh as possible, the outcome is flour you are proud to bake with. 1847 Stone Milling was founded back in 2014 in smalltown Fergus, Ontario by family members Sasha, Melissa and Trevor when they restored a heritage barn on their family farm and imported an Austrian grist mill.

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Blackbird Baking Co.

Quality Breads. Made Fresh Daily.

Blackbird Baking Co. is located in the Riverside neighbourhood of Toronto. They offer handcrafted bread and pastries sourced from quality local ingredients.

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Summit Station Dairy

Farm Fresh Milk Produced in Hamilton

Summit Station Dairy is a family-owned and operated business based in Hamilton. Their farm is consistently named one of the 'Top 10 Best Managed Dairy Herds' in Canada, and they currently milk 450 Holstein cows—all descended from the original 15 cows that started it all back in 1947. That's pretty impressive!

In addition to this rich history, Summit Station Dairy produces incredible products. Rowe Farms is proud to carry their milk, chocolate milk and more—the taste is exceptional and we love the classic glass bottles their products are delivered in.

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Defina Pizzeria

Pizza Napoletana from the Wood Oven

Defina Pizzeria opened its doors in Roncesvalles in 2011 and now has two locations in Toronto. They create delicious wood-fired pizzas in a classic Napoleon style.

Over the years, they have continued to learn and expand their craft for wood fired pizza with four signature crusts: Napoletana, Roma, Kamut and Gluten-Free. Their dough is topped with fresh ingredients and variations that reflect the cultural diversity and history of Roncesvalles Village.

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