Air Chilled Chicken - Boneless Skinless Breast 2 per package (575 grams)

Package Type: 2 per package

Our Ontario farm-raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are a versatile staple for any day of the year. You'll taste the succulent, juicy difference whether you grill, bake or stir-fry them!

All of our chicken is raised by the Gillyatt family in Dundas Ontario.  These chickens are free-run, never given antibiotics and fed a diet of vegetables without any animal byproducts.  We think you will agree ... this is the best tasting chicken on the market!

A word about Air-Chilled Chicken.  The vast majority of chicken in Canada is cooled using cold water mist or cold water baths.  When hot chickens are cooled this way the meat absorbs moisture - between 8% and 10% to be exact.  Not only does that water diminish the value of your meat, it also alters the texture and taste of the chicken.  All Rowe Farms chickens are air-chilled - now you know why they taste so great!