6 must-have local products for BBQ season

6 must-have local products for BBQ season

BBQ season is officially here and we couldn’t be happier! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next online order or visit to your local Rowe Farms store, we’ve got ideas. Cheers to a great season ahead—let’s all get ready to get outside and enjoy it!

Burgers, burgers, burgers

Burgers are a spring and summer staple that should always be in your freezer, and Rowe Farms has many delicious varieties to choose from. Some popular options include our grass-fed gourmet beef burgers, our gourmet portobello mushroom steak burgers and our chopped sirloin burgers. Another excellent option is our delectable beef and bison burger, which is available online and in stores. We’ve also got chicken burgers and turkey burgers so you can switch things up!

Sausages and hot dogs

We love sausages on the grill, and hot dogs are another BBQ staple that kids and adults both enjoy. Try our classic mild Italian sausage or our French country pork sausage. We’ve also got some delicious spicy Mexican pork sausage and our sweet yet savoury honey garlic pork sausage. All of these delicious sausages are local, high quality and gluten-free! And those hot dogs we mentioned? You can get them in all beef, chicken or turkey varieties. Yum!

Ontario beef steaks

Ontario beef is some of the best in the world, and our steaks are simply phenomenal. Rowe Farms truly has something for everyone—whether you’re looking for a great weeknight steak or something to impress your dinner guests, we’ve got it. We’re also able to recommend amazing local steaks at a great price point—please speak to your local Rowe Farms butcher for personalized recommendations. We have plenty of options in store, many of which offer great taste at a lower price point than some of our steakhouse-style cuts.

Chicken and pork chops

Finally, don’t forget to grab some delicious, tender pork rib chops and your favourite cuts of Ontario poultry. We recommend starting with some boneless skinless chicken breasts and some boneless skinless chicken thighs. There are so many cuts of fresh chicken and pork to choose from and all of them are delicious, so pick up your favourites and be ready to BBQ whenever the mood strikes. Thanks for reading and here’s to a wonderful grilling season ahead!