4 delicious products you need to try before summer is over

4 delicious products you need to try before summer is over

August is quickly passing by and before you know it, we’ll be talking about back-to-school lunch ideas and Thanksgiving dinner. But don’t worry—there are still plenty of beautiful summer days to enjoy in the meantime! To make the most of these final weeks of BBQ season*, be sure to try these delicious products if you haven’t already. Whether you’re making a weeknight dinner or hosting friends and family for a backyard BBQ, these dishes are guaranteed to please your palate.

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(*we love winter grilling so really, it’s always BBQ season if you want it to be, but you know what we mean.)

Pasture-raised chicken

A seasonal favourite! Our tender, delicious pasture-raised chicken won’t be available for much longer, so enjoy it while you can. Many of our customers like to stock up on this product while it’s in store—not a bad idea, if you ask us (we might be doing the same in our own homes). After all, when you taste poultry this good, you’ll want more of it. Available in several different cuts as well as whole chickens, you can find our pastured chicken here.

Portabella mushroom steak burger

These amazing steak burgers are made with 28% Ontario mushroom stems. Not only is this burger delicious, it actually helps reduce food waste by using all parts of the mushroom to create a savoury, hearty burger that everyone will love. It’s got all of the beef flavour you need from a burger with the added richness of mushroom – an incredible combination that is great for the palate as well as the planet. A must-try! This product is available here.

Marinated beef short ribs

Don’t miss out on this customer favourite! Available in Korean BBQ and Southwest varieties, these tender, flavourful short ribs are perfect for grilling on a warm summer evening. Serve them with a tangy coleslaw and your favourite potatoes for an incredibly satisfying meal. They’re also ideal as an appetizer or handheld, if you prefer to enjoy them that way. Your guests will definitely be asking for the recipe (just send them to their local Rowe Farms—we’ll help them out).

Marinated spatchcock chicken

Like it a little sweet and a little spicy? We’ve got the perfect product for you—and it’s incredibly easy to prepare. Our curry peppercorn marinated spatchcock chickens are ready to throw on the grill for a fast and easy dinner that’s tender, delicious and full of flavour. And if you’d rather enjoy a sweet paprika chicken or other flavour variety? We’ve got those in store, too. You can find this product here. Happy grilling!