Local product feature: Applewood smoker pellets and wood chips from Furtado Farms

Local product feature: Applewood smoker pellets and wood chips from Furtado Farms

BBQ season is amazing no matter what your setup looks like—a brand new outdoor kitchen with all the latest features, that Big Green Egg you treated yourself to one year, a classic charcoal grill or an old-as-heck barbeque that’s seen better days but still gets the job done. If you’re working with high quality ingredients like our Ontario beef, poultry and pork products, you can create an incredible meal in your backyard. And now, we’ve got some awesome new products to help make it happen!

Rowe Farms is pleased to carry applewood smoker pellets and wood chips from Furtado Farms. Here's what you need to know—please visit us in store or contact us to learn more about these awesome products!

Their story

Furtado Farms was established in 2012 and is based in Wellesley and Elmira, Ontario. All Furtado Farms Cookwood is locally sourced, hand-selected and processed in house. Their cookwood is naturally cured and packaged by hand to ensure that optimal quality goes into each and every bag. They don't use artificial flavours or oils to scent or alter their products—whether it's peach, hickory, apple or mesquite, Furtado Farms uses nothing but 100% natural wood. This is why the quality of their products is so amazing!

You can learn more about them at FurtadoFarms.ca, follow them on Instagram or visit Rowe Farms to grab some of their best products.

Furtado Farms products

Whether you use a charcoal grill, a big green egg or an old-school smoker, you’re going to love the pellets and wood chips we’ve sourced from Furtado Farms. All of their wood products are 100% Canadian and native to Ontario, making their pellets and wood chips both local and sustainable. In their words, “Our brand is dedicated to bringing southern quality BBQ & smoking to the clean air of the great white north.” Sounds good to us!

Rowe Farms is currently offering bags of applewood smoker pellets and applewood chips from Furtado Farms in store. If you don’t see them on shelves, just ask our staff for assistance!

Shop now and get smokin’

Rowe Farms is pleased to offer these excellent local products at our retail locations in Guelph and Toronto. If you’re cooking outdoors, they’re a great option for adding flavour to your favourite meat! We highly recommend these products and know you’ll be happy with the results.

Thanks as always for shopping local and supporting regenerative food. Everyone here at Rowe Farms is grateful for your business, and we look forward to introducing you to more amazing local suppliers in the weeks ahead.

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