5 delicious meal ideas for the Canada Day long weekend

5 delicious meal ideas for the Canada Day long weekend

Is it just us, or did the entire month of June happen in the blink of an eye? It feels like we were just making plans for Victoria Day and now, suddenly, Canada Day is almost here. We’re looking forward to some good times (and good food!) with family and friends—plus a great Canadian playlist to set the mood. It’s not Canada Day until you’ve sung along to at least one Tragically Hip song, right?

Whether you’re planning a cottage weekend, a camping trip, a backyard BBQ or a relaxing weekend at home, Rowe Farms has everything you need for delicious, high quality meals. Shop in person at our Guelph retail store or at one of our many Toronto locations, or visit RoweFarmsOnline.ca to place your order—we’re pleased to offer FREE home delivery to qualifying local addresses. Happy Canada Day!

A farm-fresh celebration

Start with our tender, delicious pasture-raised chicken or your favourite cut of our exceptional Ontario beef (or both proteins, if you’re serving a crowd). Next, choose some of your favourite fresh, local vegetables—here’s a quick look at what’s in season right now. Grill your vegetables or use them to create a fresh, hearty green salad. Finally, add some roasted potatoes with fresh herbs, your favourite local wine or craft beer, and a fresh pie made with local fruit (strawberry rhubarb is always a good pick). Now you’ve got a meal that showcases the very best of Ontario. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Maple magic

This may be playing into Canadian stereotypes but we truly love a rich, high quality, local maple syrup. Use it in marinades for chicken or pork or add it to homemade salad dressings. There’s nothing like a good sweet and savoury mix—maple is the perfect starting point for plenty of delicious, flavourful meals! Here’s a tasty recipe for Maple Mustard Chicken and another for Roast Chicken with Maple and Rosemary. You can also make this mouth-watering Maple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin. If you’re looking for ways to use maple syrup for breakfast or dessert, here are a few more great recipes to consider. The possibilities are endless, so grab a bottle of that sweet maple goodness from a local producer and enjoy!

Classic Canadian BBQ

We’ll keep this one quick and easy because you know how it’s done: some great burgers and hot dogs, a few sausages and pork chops for the grill, a great steak and some beautiful local chicken breasts. Add some creamy potato salad, a delicious pasta salad and a fresh spinach salad topped with local berries, a soft goat’s milk cheese and homemade vinaigrette. Don’t forget the butter tarts for dessert! Now that’s a classic long weekend BBQ.

Poutine dreams

Keeping it casual this Canada Day long weekend? Serve up some restaurant-style poutines at home. All you need is some crispy fries, a few bags of high quality local cheese curds (the white ones, if we’re being choosy) and an awesome gravy (preferably homemade). We recommend adding some extra protein to your poutine to make a full meal of it: crispy bacon, slow-cooked beef, BBQ pulled pork or chicken, or a scoop of homestyle chili made with our tasty ground beef. Bring extra napkins to the table—you’re going to need them!

A feast to remember

If you enjoy cooking for friends and family, use the long weekend as an opportunity to create a feast they’ll never forget. You could grill a couple of Tomahawk steaks, smoke a beef brisket, roast some of our whole chickens on a BBQ rotisserie, make your own pulled pork or create a buffet-style spread of delicious local items. Go all out—it’s the long weekend and there’s no better way to celebrate than by enjoying delicious food with your favourite people. And if you’d like personalized product recommendations or cooking tips, just contact us. Cheers to the long weekend and happy Canada Day!