3 tips to make your August long weekend even better

3 tips to make your August long weekend even better

Summer is flying by, but there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy it. With the Civic Holiday just ahead of us on the calendar, we thought we’d share three quick and easy tips to help you get more out of those much-anticipated long weekends. From planning ahead to trying new things, here are some suggestions to help you make the most of these beautiful summer days. It all starts at Rowe Farms—shop in store or visit RoweFarmsOnline.ca to place your order! We’re pleased to offer FREE home delivery on qualifying orders.

1. Stock up on snacks

Whether you’re going to be spending the long weekend at home, out on the town, at a campground or at the cottage, it’s time to stock up on snacks. Rowe Farms has plenty of crackers, cheese, chips, sweet treats, baked goods, kid-friendly snacks and beverages for you to choose from in store. We stock local, fair trade and artisan-made products—ask our staff for their recommendations! We’ve also got everything you need for an incredible charcuterie board as well as great dips like these delicious products from Mad Mexican. Yum!

2. Get your grill ready to go

If you’re someone who treats their BBQ like a prized sports car, you’re probably ready to go. But if life is busy and you aren’t paying much attention to the state of your grill, take a moment to get it ready before the weekend. Get your propane levels and grab a new tank if needed. If you use a charcoal grill, stock up on the essentials. Give your cooking surface a good clean and make sure your outdoor cooking tools are in good condition. Make sure your digital thermometer is working and replace it if necessary. Here’s a great read on annual maintenance and other grill care tips, if you’re interested.

3. Try something new

The long weekend is a great opportunity to try something new. In addition to your favourite burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken breasts and sausages, add some Korean BBQ or Southwest marinated beef short ribs, some tender lamb burgers, a few turkey burgers and our new brisket burgers—an amazing product that may become a summer staple in your house. If you’d like personalized recommendations, please ask a team member at your local Rowe Farms location. They’ll have plenty of great ideas! Thanks for reading and enjoy your long weekend—it’s almost here!