Holistic Land Planning


In this course participants will learn the Holistic Land Planning process by working through an example provided by the educator, or by developing their holistic land plan.

In the latter case, some work will be needed after the course to complete the plan, but participants will leave the course with a good understanding of what remains to be done and how to do it.

Why Holistic Land Planning is Important: It enables us to consider new paddock layouts that minimize the number of water points required and give us much greater flexibility in our grazing planning and more options for improving animal performance. We can anticipate the facilities we need to have in place as animal numbers and herd sizes increase and thus avoid costly redesigns in the future.

Duration: 2 Days
Dates: TBD

The Fundamentals of Holistic Land Planning

  • What is a holistic land plan?
  • Holistic decision-making related to Holistic Land Planning
  • How Holistic Land Planning integrates with Holistic Financial Planning
  • Gather Important Information
  • Prepare maps and overlays
  • Decide on grazing unit and herd sizes

Creating Your Holistic Land Plan

  • How to create a Holistic Land Plan
  • How to implement the plan
  • Layouts and hardware

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