Holistic Financial Planning


The course should provide the opportunity for participants to work on a financial plan – either one provided by the educator or one participants create using their own figures.

In the latter case, some work will be needed after the course to complete the plan, but participants will leave the course with a good understanding of what remains and how to do

Why Holistic Financial Planning is important: By integrating this simple-to-use, cash-based planning process into your current accounting or budgeting systems, you will be able to increase your profit and improve your quality of life and your land’s health and productivity. Even if you aren’t engaged in agriculture, there will be much that applies to your situation, no matter your business or occupation.

Duration: 3 Days
Date: TBD

The Fundamentals of Holistic Financial Planning

  • Holistic decision-making and how it relates to Holistic Financial Planning
  • Your holistic context: Aligning your financial decisions
  • What is wealth? What are the sources of wealth?
  • Profitability
  • Using the context checks related to finances
    • Financial weak link: Generating wealth
    • Energy/money source and use: Investing soundly
    • Marginal reaction: Getting the biggest bang for your buck
    • Gross Profit Analysis: Bringing in the most money for the least additional cost
  • Management Tips and Good Ideas
    • Simple appreciation: How to handle emergencies
    • Context checking matrix: Tracking your decisions
    • Brainstorming/brainwriting: Generating new ideas
    • Net managerial income: Rewarding managerial effectiveness
  • Planning Forms
    • Standard Worksheet
    • Livestock Production Worksheet
    • Annual Income and Expense Plan
    • Control Sheet

Creating Your Holistic Financial Plan

  • Introduction
    • Planning the planning
    • Creating ownership
    • Overview and general scheduling
  • Preliminary planning
    • How to address logjams
    • How to address adverse factors
    • How to identify and address financial weak links
    • How to figure gross profits
  • Putting the plan on paper
  • How to balance a plan and check for cash flow
  • How to operate, monitor, and control a holistic financial plan to ensure profit

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