Farm Tour


Come and experience the future of farming with our Solar Dollars Farm Tour. Get ready to learn how your food choices can make a difference in the ecosystem processes on the land. This tour is the perfect opportunity to witness the regenerative impact of our farming practices, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery of our farm.

During the tour, you will be guided by one of our experienced farmers who will explain how our farm is dedicated to sustainable and regenerative practices. You'll learn about our holistic approach to farming that is focused on replenishing the biological life on our land and waters.

Plus, by redeeming your Solar Dollars for this tour, you're not only investing in a unique and educational experience, but you're also contributing to our mission of building a resilient food system.

Book your Solar Dollars Farm Tour today and take the first step towards a healthier and more regenerative future.

Location:  Haldimand County

Date/time: TBD

Cost: $200 or 200 solar dollars (redeem from your account)

Once you’ve paid for this experience or redeemed solar dollars for this reward, you’ll be emailed a booking link that allows you to choose the time/date of your farm tour.

*Please allow up to 6 hours after purchasing to receive the email. If you still have not received the email after 6 hours please contact the Rowe Farms team!

 Disclaimer: We just want to give you a heads up that while our farm tour is packed with educational and informative activities, we don't have any petting zoos or playgrounds for the little ones. So, if you're hoping for a chance to pet cute farm animals or watch the kids slide down a giant slide, you might want to adjust your expectations - we're all about learning and getting our hands dirty here! But don't worry, we promise that the tour is going to be an engaging and eye-opening experience for all ages. Come join us and learn about the wonderful world of regenerative agriculture!