We’re getting ready to launch something exciting

We’re getting ready to launch something exciting

Rowe Farms has some exciting news to share—we’re developing a rewards program that will offer exclusive member pricing on some of your favourite products! (And that’s only the beginning…)

Regenerative Rewards Club

The short version: Ready to sign up? That’s awesome—please click here to add your name to our email list. This is how you’ll be informed about exclusive rewards from Rowe Farms—everything from member discounts to the occasional free product!

The longer version: We’ve been thinking about offering a rewards program for years, and to us, it’s about a lot more than offering customer discounts. Read on to learn more.

Rowe Farms has always talked about wanting to offer you great value—not the cheapest products, but the best quality products at the best possible prices. We’re also dedicated to using holistic management that leads to regenerative outcomes. This new rewards program is an extension of this philosophy as it allows us to offer you excellent deals that are directly tied to the holistic management we use to achieve regenerative outcomes. 

Think of it this way: we farm regeneratively, which means we use the entire animal and are continually working to improve the land. Regenerative farming also values the economic health of the community and local food producers. By supporting Rowe Farms, you’re supporting these regenerative efforts—for example, raising cattle and chickens using holistic methods—which allows us to give you substantial discounts on specific products throughout the year. We may have plenty of chicken one season or suddenly have lots of regular ground beef because we’ve been selling so many steaks. Because we want to use the whole animal and avoid any food waste, we can offer a great discount on specific products at certain times without reducing product value or cutting any corners on the farm.

Managing holistically is a completely different mindset that leads to regenerative outcomes and is a lot of work, but it delivers a better end result. We’re dedicated to this type of farming and are grateful to the customers who support our vision for a better future. As a gesture of this gratitude, we’re going to offer significant discounts that reflect these regenerative goals and outcomes. It’s good for you, it’s good for us, and over time, it will benefit entire communities. All you have to do is join our mailing list and watch for those exclusive emails—it’s honestly that simple!

Great deals—and a brighter future

We’re starting the Regenerative Rewards Club with product discounts and exclusive member offers, but over time, we’ll be adding a lot more to the program. Some of the ideas we’re working on include farm tours, regenerative farming education opportunities, and even having customers participate in the development of new products.

Please sign up today to join the Regenerative Rewards Club. Trust us—you’ll be glad you did. Thank you, and please reach out to Rowe Farms if you have any questions!