Let’s get ready for Thanksgiving dinner!

Let’s get ready for Thanksgiving dinner!

There’s a crispness in the air lately that confirms what we already know—summer’s over and fall is officially underway. For some families, that means the beginning of fall sports and endless back to school paperwork, while others may be enjoying some late-season camping, fall fairs or outdoor concerts. We love this time of year! (Well, maybe not the school paperwork.) While you’re out there enjoying those beautiful fall days and evenings, there’s something else on the horizon that you don’t want to forget about: Thanksgiving weekend! That’s right—it’s just over a week away.

This year, Thanksgiving Sunday is October 8th. Our holiday website is live and ready to take your orders—if you have any questions or need assistance with your order, please contact us! We’d be glad to help.

Reserve your holiday turkey or ham

Please visit our holiday website to reserve your fresh local turkey or delicious holiday ham (bone-in or boneless). Complete instructions are available here. You’ll be asked to pay a deposit in order to reserve the items you want. This website will be active until October 6th—after this date, purchases can be made in store. As in-store availability will be limited, we strongly recommend placing a pre-order!

Don’t forget about our prepared options!

In addition to your favourite fresh turkey and holiday ham, Rowe Farms is pleased to offer a delicious selection of prepared foods. You can order a fully cooked roast turkey, delicious mashed potatoes and vegetable side dishes, our signature stuffing, ready-to-serve gravy and more (you can shop for these items here). Whether you want to cook everything from scratch, add a few prepared items to your home-cooked meal or not cook a single thing yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Happy holidays

Thanksgiving is special to many families, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help put delicious local food on your holiday table. Thanks so much for shopping local and supporting our family-owned business this holiday season—please contact us if you have any questions or require assistance. We look forward to being a part of your Thanksgiving celebration!