How to save money and eat well with these cost-saving tips from Rowe Farms

How to save money and eat well with these cost-saving tips from Rowe Farms

Here’s something we know about our customers: they want to buy delicious, high quality, regenerative, local food for their families AND they want to save money on their weekly grocery bill. That’s a pretty tall order—but it’s not impossible. In fact, we’ve been working hard to make this a reality for our customers and the communities we’re a part of.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can save money at Rowe Farms every single week by purchasing our cost-saving bundles and signing up for exclusive weekly discount codes. If you have any questions, please contact us!

How we offer significant discounts

Rowe Farms is a family-owned and operated business that uses holistic management to achieve regenerative outcomes on the land we manage. We raise cattle on pasture for most of the year (weather permitting!) and are consistently working towards a zero-waste goal when producing Ontario beef, poultry, lamb and pork products. This means using the whole animal, including the bones and tallow, and making sure nothing goes to waste. Because we strive to use the entire animal every time, we sometimes have excess inventory of certain products. For example, if we’ve cut a lot of steaks due to high demand, we may end up with a lot of ground beef (or vice versa). Other times, we may have an excess of sausages or pork tenderloin. We never want to have these delicious products sitting around in store—so sometimes we’re tasked with getting larger numbers of certain products out the door in order to support our zero-waste, regenerative goals. That’s when you end up with a flash sale or a Solar Dollar Deal (more on that below).

In order to support thriving communities with great biodiversity, healthy local economies and families who have everything they need to live well, we need to focus on this regenerative approach above all else. We also want to make sure families have access to good food at the best possible price point. This is why we sometimes offer significant discounts on certain products at different times of the year. It’s about making the best use of each animal and having the most positive impact on the land and local environment. If you have any questions about this, please let us know! Trust us, the Rowe Farms team is always happy to talk about local food and regeneration.

Save big with our bundles

We’ve offered bundles for several years now and they’ve always been a hit with customers, so we recently introduced even more options. Here’s a breakdown of how much you can save. Remember, this is just a sample—a full list of our cost-saving bundles can be found here.

Product Regular price of included products (total)

Bundle Price
(before tax)

Your Savings

(before tax)

Breakfast bundle $30.27 $19.99 34% ($10.28)
Ground beef bundle $89.81 $80.83 10% ($8.98)
Family favourites bundle $415.75 $374.18 10% ($41.57)
Conscientious Carnivore Bundle $856.31 $699.00 18% ($157.31)

*Prices as of March 13, 2024

If you used these bundles to save just $50 a month, you’d save $600 over the course of a year—and that’s on the low end. It also doesn’t count all of the other savings opportunities you can take advantage of. Keep reading to learn more about those!

Spend less with Solar Dollar Deals

If you’ve registered your online account with Rowe Farms, you’re automatically going to collect Solar Dollars with every purchase. These Solar Dollars can be redeemed for Solar Dollar Rewards including discounts and coupons. On top of this, registered customers can opt to receive Solar Dollar Deals—exclusive discount codes that are sent out by email each week. There’s no fee to join, and these aren’t small discounts—sometimes they’re as much as 50%. Here’s what you could save, using actual Solar Dollar Deals we’ve offered recently as examples:

Product Regular Price  Solar Dollar Deal Your Savings
Pork sausages $11.99 (six sausages per package) 40% off $4.80 per package
Beef brisket burgers $10.95 (2x 5oz burgers) 30% off $3.29 per package
Boneless skinless chicken breasts—value packs $36.44 (1.302kg) 20% off $7.29 per package

*Prices as of March 13, 2024

Some of these deals came with purchasing limits (a maximum of five packages of lean ground beef per customer, for example) but other items were unlimited in how many you could purchase at a discount. Even if you took advantage of one Solar Dollar Deal every month, you’d be saving a nice chunk of your grocery bill—now imagine you took advantage of our Solar Dollar Deal every single week!

Thanks for shopping local and supporting regenerative food—we hope you enjoy these cost-saving tips from Rowe Farms!

Are you ready to earn Solar Dollars and gain access to exclusive weekly deals from Rowe Farms?