Help support local kids with a Rowe Farms fundraiser!

Help support local kids with a Rowe Farms fundraiser!

Fall is here, school is back and so are school fundraisers! If your kids’ classroom, sports team or extracurricular club is looking for ways to raise money, we’ve got an idea: start with Rowe Farms.

Rowe has a community fundraising program that allows public schools, sports teams, extracurricular clubs, and other community youth organizations to raise money by selling something everyone needs and enjoys: delicious local meat. We’ve made sure to include high donation margins in order to maximize the amount of money that goes to the organization, and we’ve made it easy to execute with simple online forms. Here’s how it works.

Buy local meat, support local kids

To start your fundraiser, simply contact our team. We’ll get you set up and provide simple instructions for communication and online ordering. Your supporters will be able to choose from a variety of Rowe Farms products and the donation amount is clearly noted above every item price, so they’ll know exactly how much their order is contributing to your school, club or team. For example: this box of burgers results in a $4 donation while this pasta results in a $3 donation, and a $50 gift card gets your organization a $5 donation.

Placing an order in support of a Rowe Farms fundraiser is easy and convenient. Supporters will visit our online order page to choose their favourite products and select the organization they are supporting (for example, “Local-town Elementary School”). They’ll be asked to identify the individual fundraiser (i.e. the student/team member) and enter their own customer information. An email with additional instructions and delivery/pick up information will follow. All online payments are safe and secure. And then, everyone gets to enjoy that delicious local meat! We’d call that a win all around.

Here’s an FAQ page to answer some common questions. If you want to know more, just ask!

Let’s get started!

Ready to raise some money for your community while supporting your local food economy? Please check out our fundraising website to organize your Rowe Farms fundraiser. Thanks for reading—we look forward to hearing from you!