Blackbird Baking Co. products are available at Rowe Farms!

Blackbird Baking Co. products are available at Rowe Farms!

There’s something about fresh bread that is universally appealing. The smell alone is enough to bring people running, and then there’s the bread itself: a baguette with a great crust and a soft, fluffy inside, or maybe a classic sandwich loaf that has amazing flavour and texture. Artisan breads often have unique additions or subtle qualities that make them particularly good, and don’t get us started on sourdough—it’s truly an art!

Bread is awesome, but all bread is not equal—that’s why we sought out the best products in town to offer our customers. Blackbird Baking Co. has a cult following in Toronto, and with good reason. They make incredible baguettes, sourdough, focaccia, sandwich loaves and more. Many of our customers are already devoted to this artisan product, but we know others have yet to discover it. Consider this your cue to head to Rowe Farms for some fresh, delicious, bread from Blackbird!

You may have seen Blackbird Baking Co. products in Kensington Market or on Instagram, but you can also get many of them at Rowe Farms. Here’s what you need to know about this great local food producer—stop by your nearest Rowe Farms location to grab some today, or place an order online. We’re pleased to offer home delivery to local clients.

Fresh, high quality bread

Blackbird Baking Co. is located in the Riverside neighbourhood of Toronto, and their products are undeniably delicious. The bakery offers handcrafted bread and pastries sourced from quality local ingredients, and they deliver fresh bread products to us every morning (no day-olds here). Here’s what we’re currently offering in stores and online—trust us, you’ll want to try them all!

If you want to inquire about a specific product’s availability at your local Rowe Farms, please contact us.

A special offer for Rowe customers

Fresh bread from a local artisanal bakery is something we’re proud to offer, but it also costs a bit more than a standard baguette because it’s a high quality, local product that’s delivered to our stores every morning (often still warm from the oven). The exceptional quality is worth the price, but we know that our customers are looking for value and appreciate a good deal. Because of this, we’ve created an offer that allows us to offer Blackbird products at a lower price: when you sign into your Rowe Farms account online (or give our staff your details in store) and spend over $20, we’ll take $2 off the cost of each Blackbird Bakery Co. item in your purchase. It’s that simple! Grab some fresh bread and some steaks for dinner—as long as your bill totals $20 or more, your bread will cost $2 less per item. If you have any questions about this, please let us know! We’d be glad to hear from you.

Thanks for shopping local

At Rowe Farms, we believe that families should have access to nutritious, high quality, delicious local food that contributes to stronger communities. By introducing more local products to our shelves, we’re helping that happen while supporting local food producers and farmers who use holistic management to achieve regenerative outcomes. Your purchases make a difference, and we’re grateful that you’ve chosen to shop from Rowe Farms. Thanks for buying local and supporting regenerative food—we appreciate your business!