BBQ Made Easy Chicken Grilling Kit (10 Kebabs and 2 Spatchcock Chickens)

0.476 kg
Package Type: Grilling Kit

Here is the perfect collection of our most popular chicken items to simplify your next Social BBQ for 10.  Our plump and juicy chicken breast is seasoned, trimmed and skewed for you.  Next, we take two of our amazing chickens and remove the back bone for the traditional spatchcock chicken form ... it lays flat on the grill and makes cooking a breeze.  Don't worry about portions, we have made certain there is plenty even for the biggest appetites.  

We are happy to customize flavours so please send us a note if you would like other flavours (your options are sweet paprika, curry peppercorn, lemon herb and plain).  Our default flavours will be 5 sweet paprika kebabs, 5 curry peppercorn kebabs, one sweet paprika chicken and one plain chicken. Enjoy!