Air Chilled Chicken - Boneless Skinless Thighs 6 per package (600 grams)

Package Type: 6 per package

Despite popular belief, Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs are nearly identical to Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts in nutritional content and, in our opinion, they taste better with their richer, dark meat flavour!

All of our chicken is raised by the Gillyatt family in Dundas Ontario.  These chickens are free-run, never given antibiotics and fed a diet of vegetables without any animal byproducts.  We think you will agree ... this is the best tasting chicken on the market!

A word about Air-Chilled Chicken.  The vast majority of chicken in Canada is cooled using cold water mist or cold water baths.  When hot chickens are cooled this way the meat absorbs moisture - between 8% and 10% to be exact.  Not only does that water diminish the value of your meat, it also alters the texture and taste of the chicken.  All Rowe Farms chickens are air-chilled - now you know why they taste so great!